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At Sigma Results, we are able to translate new client requirements into functional requirements, liaising with the Business or IT developers in the areas reviewed. We help run service rediscovery meetings and provide technical and business input into development projects to the point of design.

Areas of expertise include Configuration management and CPM (trading engine in charge of rebalance, asset allocation, strategy management and IT scheduled activities like raise or invest cash) as well as Interface files.

We understand the importance of analytics and Management information system and we can help you improve your data management if required.

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Michael Porter identified two basic types of ‘Competitive Advantage’:

  • Cost advantage
  • And Differentiation advantage.

At Sigma Results, we understand the importance of both and we find with and for our clients innovative solutions to redesign where needed operational models. We review core processes to encourage growth whilst maintaining any existing competitive cost advantaged.  Cost reduction and business model transformation are two key elements and our goal is to create an ‘intelligent infrastructure’ that achieves operational excellence.

Areas of operational expertise within Middle and Back office functions include but are not limited to Corporate action, Settlements, Confirmation, Fees, Fund Linkage, Settlements and general fund management.

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Project Management

Passion, skills and proven project methodology are at the forefront of our core values.

Our advices are independent and our hands-on approach helps us ensure solutions conceived are genuinely sustainable.

Meeting deadlines and ensuring costs are controlled are key elements and we have your success in mind, every step of the way.

Whether you need us to review your operating model, or help implementing enhanced and consistent global standards, we strategize, propose, implement and transform.

Connecting your vision to SMART results is key.

Using analytic data where possible, our Project Brief will cover key areas of the likes of:

  • Project Overview
  • Scope & Exclusions
  • Assumptions & Constraints
  • Dependencies (on other projects, activities and/or decisions)
  • Any Known Risks
  • High Level Project Plan
  • Project Governance & Communication Plan
  • Firm Resources & Project Assessment

Risk Factors (Minimal, Low, Medium, High, Very High) will be assessed using certain parameters. These include but are not limited to:

  • Complexity
  • Time Criticality
  • Resource/Timescale of Rollback
  • Number of Accounts/Clients/Etc Affected
  • Potential Downstream Impact (Client Reporting, Tax Reporting, Regulatory, Etc)

Our project managers provide project management leadership and are accountable for project deliverables.  We develop and implement project plan, including tasks, deliverables, milestones, and timelines and manage/coordinate a team of business analysts where appropriate. We also manage the overall system development and implementation effort as well as report to our clients’ project board on status of ongoing projects, highlighting Status, Progress, Risks/Issues, Milestones completed etc.

Cost and risk planning will be detailed and controlled throughout the project ensuring success is delivered.

Nathalie KorenProject Management
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IB Consultancy

Working with leading investment banks, our role is to help resolve complex business challenges using innovation and proven project management techniques.

Our straightforward and flexible approach helps us build successful relationships whilst trying to find innovative and sustainable solutions to your problems and business requirements.

We help our clients understand the strategy and requirements of their operating model as well as their future business need. We provide detailed analysis and requirements documentation, creating process maps for the business to review, to help transform and grow businesses.

Engaging with key stakeholders, we playback analysis output and create end to end process maps to support large change programs.

Currently, we are involved in a large deployment program designed to:

  • Implement enhanced and consistent global standards to prevent individuals and entities from using our client’s facilities for the purposes of financial crime.
  • Protect our client from those seeking to use our services to evade their tax liabilities.
  • Ensure good oversight of all project streams to deliver enhanced functionality across regions.

All our services are tailored to your specific requirements and we operate within the regulatory framework of the particular country or countries in which our clients operate.

Nathalie KorenIB Consultancy
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People & Careers

The present market has drastically evolved HR processes and investments banks have new HR models to attract, develop and retain candidates.

Thanks to our expertise in investments banks and the recruitment market in London, Sigma Results is uniquely placed to help coach and mentor candidates who would like a career in investment banking.

In an all-inclusive package, we can help review and correct your English CV and train you for the recruitment process, organizing mock interviews and reviewing your motivation letter. We will align our goals to yours and once the training is completed, we will put you in touch with major headhunters in London, with a personal touch point, that will help you access the financial market and their many roles available.

The competition is fierce but with the right accompaniment, we believe we can make a difference and give you the platform and confidence you need to shine!

Quotes available on request.

Nathalie KorenPeople & Careers
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SME Consulting

What are the critical issues our business is facing today?

How can we achieve your goals and ambition?

What kind of Our Change Management practice could we apply?

Do we need to rethink our business to increase productivity or performance?

What kind of growth initiatives could we implement?

Could we improve our business to embrace demand?

Do I need to rethink my website or even create one?

From start-ups to small family firms, these are some of the questions Sigma Results can help you with.

We offer independent consulting services at very affordable prices. Please ask for your first free consultation to receive a quote.

Nathalie KorenSME Consulting
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The financial crisis has had a profound impact on the investment banking industry and regulations such as Dodd-Frank, MiFiD, FATCA, Basel III and EMIR are being created like never before.

All aspects of investments banks are being impacted and we are ccurrently involved in a large deployment program designed to:

  • Implement enhanced and consistent global standards to prevent individuals and entities from using our client’s facilities for the purposes of financial crime.
  • Protect our client from those seeking to use our services to evade their tax liabilities.

At Sigma Results, we understand the importance of ‘doing this right’ to ensure your organization is compliant with laws and regulations that govern your daily activities. Using our project skills and understanding of the financial market and codependent organizations, we can help you structure these changes whilst trying to limit expenses linked to IT development work where possible.

We not only understand but also follow and demonstrate our compliance to relevant internal and external rules, regulations and procedures that apply to the conduct of your business.

We can maintain and enhance Internal Control standards where required, including the timely implementation of internal and external audit points together with any issues raised by external regulators.

Nathalie KorenRegulatory
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Organizational challenges have evolved drastically over the past years and companies are now facing unprecedented dynamics that influence their growth and their strategy on a daily basis.

Market uncertainty, complexity of organization structure, increasing customer expectations, evolving regulatory requirements and competitive pressures are some of the influences firms have to manage.

Sigma results offers comprehensive services to help you define your long terms plans helping your set measurable objectives such as increasing revenue or client satisfaction, increase employee commitment or output etc.

Passionate, we are client focused and positive. We encourage feedback and we use our industry knowledge to make it work for you whatever your goals are!

Nathalie KorenStrategy
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