The financial crisis has had a profound impact on the investment banking industry and regulations such as Dodd-Frank, MiFiD, FATCA, Basel III and EMIR are being created like never before.

All aspects of investments banks are being impacted and we are ccurrently involved in a large deployment program designed to:

  • Implement enhanced and consistent global standards to prevent individuals and entities from using our client’s facilities for the purposes of financial crime.
  • Protect our client from those seeking to use our services to evade their tax liabilities.

At Sigma Results, we understand the importance of ‘doing this right’ to ensure your organization is compliant with laws and regulations that govern your daily activities. Using our project skills and understanding of the financial market and codependent organizations, we can help you structure these changes whilst trying to limit expenses linked to IT development work where possible.

We not only understand but also follow and demonstrate our compliance to relevant internal and external rules, regulations and procedures that apply to the conduct of your business.

We can maintain and enhance Internal Control standards where required, including the timely implementation of internal and external audit points together with any issues raised by external regulators.

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