Project Management

Passion, skills and proven project methodology are at the forefront of our core values.

Our advices are independent and our hands-on approach helps us ensure solutions conceived are genuinely sustainable.

Meeting deadlines and ensuring costs are controlled are key elements and we have your success in mind, every step of the way.

Whether you need us to review your operating model, or help implementing enhanced and consistent global standards, we strategize, propose, implement and transform.

Connecting your vision to SMART results is key.

Using analytic data where possible, our Project Brief will cover key areas of the likes of:

  • Project Overview
  • Scope & Exclusions
  • Assumptions & Constraints
  • Dependencies (on other projects, activities and/or decisions)
  • Any Known Risks
  • High Level Project Plan
  • Project Governance & Communication Plan
  • Firm Resources & Project Assessment

Risk Factors (Minimal, Low, Medium, High, Very High) will be assessed using certain parameters. These include but are not limited to:

  • Complexity
  • Time Criticality
  • Resource/Timescale of Rollback
  • Number of Accounts/Clients/Etc Affected
  • Potential Downstream Impact (Client Reporting, Tax Reporting, Regulatory, Etc)

Our project managers provide project management leadership and are accountable for project deliverables.  We develop and implement project plan, including tasks, deliverables, milestones, and timelines and manage/coordinate a team of business analysts where appropriate. We also manage the overall system development and implementation effort as well as report to our clients’ project board on status of ongoing projects, highlighting Status, Progress, Risks/Issues, Milestones completed etc.

Cost and risk planning will be detailed and controlled throughout the project ensuring success is delivered.

Nathalie KorenProject Management