IB Consultancy

Working with leading investment banks, our role is to help resolve complex business challenges using innovation and proven project management techniques.

Our straightforward and flexible approach helps us build successful relationships whilst trying to find innovative and sustainable solutions to your problems and business requirements.

We help our clients understand the strategy and requirements of their operating model as well as their future business need. We provide detailed analysis and requirements documentation, creating process maps for the business to review, to help transform and grow businesses.

Engaging with key stakeholders, we playback analysis output and create end to end process maps to support large change programs.

Currently, we are involved in a large deployment program designed to:

  • Implement enhanced and consistent global standards to prevent individuals and entities from using our client’s facilities for the purposes of financial crime.
  • Protect our client from those seeking to use our services to evade their tax liabilities.
  • Ensure good oversight of all project streams to deliver enhanced functionality across regions.

All our services are tailored to your specific requirements and we operate within the regulatory framework of the particular country or countries in which our clients operate.

Nathalie KorenIB Consultancy