About Sigma Results

Learn more about London’s Consulting and Project Management Specialists

Our story

Created in 2014, Sigma Results’ was founded by Nathalie Koren.

Nathalie has worked for the likes of Deutsche Bank, Barclays and HSBC and has a wealth of experience in investment banking.

French from origin, Nathalie has a solid track record and is passionate and approachable.

Why Us?

There are a few reasons why you choose Sigma Results.

Sigma Results is a consulting, coaching and project management firm and ‘Results’ is at the cornerstone of our ethic. We are looking to deliver ‘Results’, not only fast but that also have a lasting impact on businesses and individuals.

Locally based, we work directly in London with business owners (small and large), Chief Executive Officers and other professional to create value.

Our Career Department has an excellent network within the financial industry. Whether you require us to provide you with coaching or help you grow your business, we deliver results with speed.

We are simply good at what we do!

At Sigma Results, we do not believe in one-size fits all solutions. We believe in solutions that are customized with you.

We operate on a fixed fee approach. We offer a first free consultation (over the phone or in person) to discuss your requirements and needs. Once the scope and objectives are defined, we will offer one, two or three packages, which you can choose from.

Our fixed fee approach will ensure the value you require gets delivered at the agreed cost.

Our prices are very competitive so contact us now for an initial conversation.

Our work methods are guided by real teamwork. Collaboration with our clients is at centre stage of our process.

Whatever your idea, requirement or problem is, we will design creative and innovating solutions, from strategy definition up to execution.

Our Skills

Here are a few of our interpersonal skills we can put to good use, during our time together:

  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Constructively Challenging
  • Accountability
  • Multi-tasking
  • Encouraging and supporting

People, Strategy, Operation and Technology are at the forefront of our offering:


More About Us

Sigma Results is a company specialised in Consulting and Project Management.

Originally specialized in Finance, we understand the complex framework Investment banks and Wealth managers are operating in, from operation to technology, and we provide first class project management services to help our select client base grow and succeed.

Over the past year, Sigma Results expanded and we now also provide consultancy services to Small and Medium size Enterprises as well as private individuals.